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Keeping it Local

All tours are guided by local certified experts, and when you book a tour with us, you are guaranteed an authentic travel experience as you discover your world through the people who know it best. By attending to every detail, we make group travel fun and easy, while at the same time providing you with safe and responsible opportunities to immerse yourself in the aspects that make an area unique. Live among the locals, eat what the locals eat, and explore as the locals do. Learn the history, meet the people, experience the culture!


About Us

Authentic Tours and Travel is a consortium of independent tour-related businesses from around the world.

Our mission is to offer sustainable tourism by partnering with local tour operators, guides, hotels, restaurants, and venues, thus generating support for local economies and creating genuine cultural discoveries for responsible travelers of all ages.



Learn the history! Meet the people!
Experience the culture!


Authentic Tours and Travel works with the Worldwide Federation of Tourist Guide Associations and the National Federation of Tourist Guide Associations and are members of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council.

Authentic Tours and Travel donates 100% of post-tax profits generated by the consortium to humanitarian and environmental organizations around the world.

Authentic Tours and Travel, Ltd. is a registered corporation in the state of New Mexico, but does business worldwide.